Here you will find pictures of customers, colleagues and friends (well, they're all friends!) that have made the trip to my shop. Stop by and you may find yourself on this page!

         Mark with Bill Faust, collector from Columbus, Ohio.

Mark and Will Scarlett, retired CSO trumpeter, collector, repairman, and expert on Salvation Army instruments.

Mark and Willie Waldman, check out Willies site at

Mark and Christine Derksen, founder of The Conn Loyalist.

Mark with Mark Elrod, and Mr. Elrods newly restored Gautrot tuba. See before and after pictures of the tuba on the Examples page.

Mark and Vince Giordano discussing slide whistles!

Mark and Rich Ita. What do brass repair guys do for fun when they get together? Work on horns, of course! Rich and I tag teamed an O. Coon over the shoulder tenor horn for the better part of the day.


Mark and Jeff Stockham. Jeff is not only an amazingly accomplished jazz musician, but also leads the Excelsior Cornet Band.

Mark and Dr. Jonathon Korzun. Jon was picking up his Lehnert circular alto, which was in for a lot of soldering!


 Mark and fellow repairman Steve Mumford.

Mark with tubist Lawrence Van Ameyde from Brighton, Michigan.

Mark and Don Harry. Don is dropping off this small Vienna valve tuba.

Mark and Bob Woodard. Check out before and after pictures of Bobs Conn 80A cornet on the Examples page.

Mark, Steve Gruver, and Steves 1902 Conn Wonder cornet. See before and after pictures on the Examples page.

Mark and Jim Mikowski from Elburn, Illinois, and Jims 1896 Conn Wonder Eb cornet.

Mark and Mark Klett, with Mr. Kletts Conn 80A cornet.

Mark with Lew Green. Lew stopped by when the Victor 'Specially Small pocket cornet conversion was nearing completion. Lew is holding the converted cornet, and Mark holds a full size Victor Special. Click *here* to see both instruments side by side on the bench. See more pictures of the completed cornet on the Examples page.

Mark with Lew Brown. Lew worked for many years at Conn, then at Bach after Conns departure from Elkhart. When I first started in the repair shop of the local retail music store many years ago, Lew was one of the part time brass repairmen, working there after a full day at the Bach plant. Upon his retirement from Bach, he was repair shop supervisor at the music store, then eventually began working part time, passing the supervisor position on to me. At 90, Lew still works part time in another local repair shop!

Mark and John Hardisky, tubist from Dayton, Ohio.