Dent removal, soft soldering, brazing, valve repair, buffing, finish touch up- these are just some of the basic services offered. Please contact me with your specific needs.

Valve refitting

A valve refit can give your vintage instrument a new lease on life. The process consists of stripping the pistons to the base metal (not applicable to Monel pistons), then honing the piston and casing straight and true. The pistons diameter is then built up with plating, and honed to size. It is recommended on pistons that were not originally nickel plated to mask the ports. This will maintain the bore diameter through the pistons as originally built. The pistons are then lapped into the casings for smooth action. Guides and springs are replaced as needed, and valve ports are checked for proper match.

Complete Restoration

The restoration process attempts to take the instrument as close to original condition as possible. Dents are removed, solder joints are renewed as needed, parts fabricated if required, and new finish applied if applicable. Please contact me to discuss your project.

Chemical Flush

Basic maintenence of a brasswind in regular use should include a chem flush, generally once a year. The chem flush is also the starting point for most vintage restorations. The chemical flush consists of complete disassembly of the instrument, then removing grease and oils with solvent. The parts are then placed in mild chemicals designed to loosen and dissolve accumulated deposits. The instrument is then rinsed in a neutralizing solution, dried, and all tubing hand cleaned. Very dirty instruments may require additional treatment. Minor accessible dents are removed, and the instrument reassembled, lubricated, and valves and slides checked for proper alignment and action.

Additional charges may apply for soldering, dent removal, parts replacement, finish touch up, or exceptionally dirty instruments. Please contact me with questions or for information.